Sheriff's Department

Counties brought order as homesteaders and settlers moved to Dakota Territory, county sheriffs provided urgently needed law enforcement. In 1889, the state constitution officially charged counties with the responsibility of preserving peace.

Today, the sheriff's office duties include making arrests, enforcing all state and local laws, transporting prisoners and mentally ill patients, serving legal papers, holding public sales of property under court orders and attending district court.

They have the authority to enforce laws in cities and towns as well as rural areas. In recent years, the decreasing tax base has resulted in the Divide County Sheriff's Department taking over law enforcement duties for the incorporated cities within the county.

Zachary Schroeder, Sheriff
200 Main Street N
P.O. Box 275
Crosby, ND 58730
Phone Number: (701) 965-6461
Fax Number: (701) 965-6481
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