Crosby Spirit Fund

Spirit Fund Statement of Purpose

The City of Crosby established a home-rule charter and levied a 1% local sales tax to aid in jobs development, jobs retention, and capital expenses for the city.. The fund accumulated for this purpose shall be called the Spirit Fund. The Spirit Fund is intended to provide financing incentives to businesses that desire to expand or locate in Crosby, or within Crosby's trade area. The primary purpose of this fund is for business retention, expansion, & recruitment. The goal is to create new jobs, save existing jobs, expand the local tax base, increase capital investment, improve the entrepreneurial climate, and expand the base of the primary sector business in the area.

Community Enhancement Grant

The Community Enhancement Funds will provide resources to organizations and communities that are working to create, improve, and strengthen the quality of life by marketing & promotions and enhancing job development through the cultural, historical, recreational, educational, health/fitness and social/ethnic activities in our trade area.

For more information or to access the application, please click here.

Spirit Fund Guidelines & Application

How the Program Works: The Spirit Funding may be used as the local match for the Bank of North Dakota Flex PACE Interest Buy-down Program which encourages investment in commercial and industrial property and other projects presented to the Spirit Fund for consideration. Applications to the Spirit Fund dollars for uses other than the Flex PACE Interest Buy-down Program will be considered on a case by case basis. The applicant will fill out an application along with an estimate of construction costs. Upon completion of construction, the Spirit Fund will work with the applicant’s bank to provide funds as a part of the permanent financing for the project.

Goal of the Program: Program is intended to make Crosby a better place by helping existing businesses to succeed, make their properties more attractive to their customers, and to make the community more attractive to potential new businesses, employees, residents and visitors by assisting businesses to take major steps to build, remodel, or expand their facilities.

**City reserves the right to make a final determination on all projects.**

Please click on the title "Spirit Fund Guidelines & Application" to review all of the guidelines and fill out the application.

City of Crosby Commercial Exterior Revitalization Grant Program

The Commercial Exterior Revitalization Grant program is geared towards improving the creation and expansion of commercial and retail sectors within the Commercial Districts of Crosby.  

The program is administered by the Divide County Job Development Authority and the Crosby Spirit Fund. Funding is provided by Crosby City Sales Tax, Crosby Spirit Fund.  Applications are available and will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis with a total limit of funding available accumulative to $20,000 for the 2021 year.
Interested commercial property owners may apply for a grant, not to exceed $5,000 for up to 50% of their investment in rehabilitating and/or updating a building façade. The building must be an existing building, built prior to 2008 located in the commercial districts of Crosby. 

Please click on the title "City of Crosby Commercial Exterior Revitalization Grant Program" to review the application and guidelines


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