Zoning Application Forms

Application for Building Permit Multiple Purpose Building Permit Application

Application for Conditional Use Permit Permit for conditionally permitted uses within any zoning district

Application for Conditional Use Permit: Gravel Mining Conditional Use Permit application mining of gravel, rock, sand etc.

ND Department of Health Gravel Permt Needed for mining gravel within the State of ND

Application for Conditional Use Permit: Temporary Crew Housing Crew Camp housing requirements and regulatons are outlined in Section 7.2 of the Divide County Zoning Ordinance.

Application for Zoning Variance Request to relax a restriction or requirement of the Ordinance in for specific application; it cannot be used to authorize a prohibited action.

Application for Zoning Ordinance Amendment Amendments are not for a specific site but a specific change to the overall zoning ordinance

2020 UMDHU Septic/Sewer Permit: A permit is required for all applications having a sewage treatment / septic system

911 Physical Address Request Form This application is for 911 address assignment or change for new or existing properties

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