Recording Requirements


      1. 1. Document must be Original or Certified Copy.
      2. 2. One-inch Margin on top, bottom, left, or right of each page of instrument. If there is no margin, it is a $10.00 flat fee.
      3. 3. A 3 inch space must be provided on the top of the first page of each instrument. If recording information can only be placed on the reverse side of an instrument, an additional page charge must be levied.
      4. 4. All Dates filled in.
      5. 5. Adequate County Legal Description
      6. 6. All Signatures must be Original Handwritten
      7. 7. The minimum font size is 10pt. (measured in Times New Roman - but any font will do as long as it is that size)
      8. 8. Acknowledgement(s)
      •      *Acknowledgments for all signatories
      •      *Notary's Seal(s) (ND notary seal must be surrounded by border, if not, must also have embossed seal on document)
      •      *State filled in
      •      *County filled in
      •      *Date of acknowledgement filled in
      •      *Name(s) of signatory appear in acknowledgment (as having appeared before the Notary Public)
      •      *Expiration Date of Notary's commission
      •      *Notary's handwritten original Signature
      •      *ND Notary's Place of notarization was in North Dakota (ND Notary's notarial act outside of ND)


      DEEDS-Additional Requirements

      1. 1. Statement of Full Consideration(not required on a deed covering minerals only)

      EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2017

      Only 1 of 2 statements of consideration will be accepted on a Deed or Affidavit of Affixation:

      1. 2. Auditor's Transfer Stamp & Seal (not required on a deed covering minerals only)
      2. 3. Post Office address for Grantee(s)
      3. 4. Name & address of Drafter on a Deed or Contract for Deed, executed 01/01/2000 or after or any instrument executed or acknowledged inside the state of ND, containing a metes and bounds legal description
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